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Yobo's comment on Iwobi: more harm than good?

In the local Press, controversial Super Eagles nascent head coach Joseph Yobo tried to walk back aspects of comments attributed to him regarding Everton's Alex Iwobi in which he was said to have described the former Arsenal star 'inconsistent'.

In fact, Yobo - who recently threw his weight behind Iwobi to succeed in Everton despite his sluggish start to life in Liverpool - may have caused further damage with his rebuttal.

"I don’t know where he (the writer) got it all crossed out, he changed my words," lamented Yobo perplexingly as he further said: " I didn’t use the word inconsistent for Iwobi, the anchor mentioned that. I said he’s unpredictable and I like him". End of quote.

'Unpredictable', hmmm! When I checked synonyms for that word in the dictionary, the options that came up weren't too much of a sharp deviation from inconsistent.

Instead of unpredictable, you can use: uncertain, random, hit and miss, doubtful, erratic or inconstant.

Now, I choose not to criticise Yobo for whatever he might have said in that interview. What has to be bore in mind is that Yobo's appointment is already frowned upon by many Super Eagles fans who will only be too happy to seize upon anything he does, says or project as confirmation that the former Everton man is damaged goods - one to spread nothing but desolation to the Super Eagles.

Nothing at this stage offers me this suggestion. I am willing to give Yobo a chance and if he makes any mistake, I will be happy to hear him out and accept any meaningful clarification.

Truth be told, Iwobi is an enigma; and like one of the synonyms above, the former Arsenal man can be a bit of a hit-and-miss.

After signing for Everton for a bumper £40 million this season , Iwobi has been more of a miss than a hit at Merseyside.

As criticisms come Iwobi's way based on his 2 goals and 0 assists across over 20 games in the English Premer League, guess who has recently come to the defence of Iwobi, yes, none other than former Everton defender Joseph Yobo.

Speaking on earlier this month, Yobo said: “I think we should be patient with him because we can’t doubt his talent. He has unbelievable talent and work rate.

I know he is going to achieve more with Everton, it is just the timing of everything happening to him. He will surely come good." concluded Yobo as he struck an optimistic tone about a player he would soon be working with in the Super Eagles.

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