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Will the goalscoring headline days return for Osimhen? 

Having taken the season by storm in France with 6 goals in his first 7 matches which culminating in him bagging September French Ligue 1 player of the month, the goals have somewhat dried up for Victor Osimhen in recent games.

In fact, in October the 20 year old only managed 1goal: a 79th minute strike against Nimes Olympique on 6th of the month.

So, it begs the questions: what are the reasons for the mini-goal drought and will Osimhen go back to banging in the goals like he did almost effortlessly earlier in the season?

Two factors can be attributed to Osimhen's lack of goals in recent matches : one, defenders are now aware and better prepared for his threats and two, allegations from some quarters that his teammates are not feeding him as readily as they were earlier in the season (perhaps because they also want to make the headlines).

Now, will the goals rain down from Osimhen's boots as they were pouring into many nets earlier in the season? Yes.

If Osimhen can reinvent himself and work with his teammates with renewed team spirit and with them willing to feed him, there is no reason why he cannot rediscover his prolific form as the season progresses.

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