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Will Iwobi and Lampard Dance The Okocha and Allardyce Dance of 2003

Alex Iwobi wobi has really turned his season around spectacularly at Everton. From zero he is becoming a hero.

Everton looked odds on to be relegated from the English Premer League 5 matches ago. However, some truly fantastic results against Chelsea and Leicester for example saw Iwobi in excellent form as the club slowly clawed their way out of relegation waters.

In Everton's 0:0 draw to Watford this week, Iwobi was again rated 7. 5/10 by the influential statistics website Playing as a wing-back, Iwobi achieved 83% pass accuracy partly comprising 5 faultless crosses and 2 precise long balls. His dribble attempts were bang on the money.

Rating him on, Saikat Mandal awarded the former Arsenal man an insane 9/10 stating his excellent all round performance, intelligent runs, pristine passes and constant threats before labelling him the indisputable man of the match for the club battling for its survival.

Isn’t it funny and unbelievably ironic how Iwobi is helping Everton avoid what his uncle the legendary Okocha helped Bolton to avoid many seasons ago: relegation from the Premier League.

In what has become one of the most enduring and iconic scenes of the English Premer League, coach Allardyce and Okocha performed a captivating dance together 18 years ago after Bolton vanquished Middlesbrough on the final day of the season to stay in the Premier League.

It will be truly wonderful and unforgettable to see coach Lampard and Iwobi reenact and recreate this scene after Everton’s last game of the season against Arsenal on May 22nd.

On a rather more serious note, Okocha would gone on to become a Bolton and English Premer League legend after that season with consistent high quality outputs, exciting displays and remarkable work ethics.

Can Iwobi build on his improvements of this season to go ahead and be a club and league legend? It is up to him.

Inconsistencies and questionable work ethics have blighted his Everton career to date.

Should he dance the dance like his uncle, he should then put the work on the pitch to make the comparison truly compete.

Okocha dancing with Allardyce to reenact their 2003 dance after Bolton avoided relegation:

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