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Why should Nigeria fans refuse to lose sleep over Adarabioyo or other dual nationality players?

Fulham Defender, Tosin Adarabioyo has declared his ambition to play for England in a major tournament leaving many Nigeria fans feeling dumped by a player that had been rumoured to be going through a nationality switch.

The 22 years old born to an English mother and a Nigerian father has made it clear in recent media interview with a UK based media outlet that he is seeking to kit for Three Lions.

"We know it’s the Euros this summer, so hopefully if I keep on doing well, who knows I could be looking to push myself in that squad,” the one-time England U19 star Adarabioyo told The Telegraph.

So, should Super Eagles fans lose a sleep over losing Tosin to England?

All rich western countries can’t be allowed to stockpile talents hence I welcome Fifa’s relaxed nationality switch policy.

But a country like Nigeria should have a robust system for developing homegrown talents. We have far too many of them wasting in obscure leagues of Latvia, Lithuania and Luxembourg.

As for the dual nationality players, we should only drool over those willing to play for Nigeria. The others can continue to face their club careers. If they don’t need us, we don’t miss them.

But we wish the best of luck all the same. Nigeria will do well regardless of whether certain dual nationalities commit to the Super Eagles or not.

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