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Why Victor Osimhen should go to Napoli

A passionate Super Eagles fans has expressed his opinion on an online football platform as to why moving to Napoli in the Italian Serie A would be a prudent career move at this stage in Victor Osimhen's career.

The Italian club have reportedly stepped up their bid to land the Nigerian youngster as they are ready to offer Algerian midfielder Adam Ounas plus cash for the Super Eagles striker according to a number of media outlets.

The piece from the Super Eagles fan reads:

If I have the chance to advise Osimhen, as it is right now;He should really consider Napoli. Napoli do want him and Napoli suits his style.

The problem with Napoli this season is not having that pivotal man upfront. Since Higuain left,they haven’t really found the right replacement.

They do create chances but Milik,Llorente and Lozano,haven’t really been prolific.

Milik is good but always prone to injuries ,so miss lot of games.Besides, he isn’t as good in the number 9 role. Lozano on the other hand hasn’t been up to scratch and has been really disappointing.

Llorente is basically getting older and too slow for the kind of game Napoli plays.

There top man is Mertens and he isn’t that a pivotal point upfront,more of a number 8 who plays across the top line freely.

Napoli is filled with creative wiz in midfield in Fabian Ruiz,Elmas ,Insigne ,additionally Politano on loan from Inter. Not forgetting the attacking fullback Hysaj contribution too.

So in the regard of service,Osimhen would get aplenty(more than he ever gets in Lille); trusting him,he should be able to score more.

I know Napoli would not make Champions league and might miss out on Europa but it is just one season. It is a sacrifice that could come in handy in future.

The CEO, De laurentis could be very handful but he is very ambitious and never settles for less. He is driven. I share that passion. I think that would be good for Osimhen.

Unless there are better offers,I think Osimhen should consider Napoli.

Napoli needs Osimhen to build back her reputation and Osimhen might need Napoli to continue to build his prolific reputation.

It might just turn to a win win.

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