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Triumphant Bosso Keeps His Cards Close To His Chest

The semi final of the ongoing Wafu B competition is where coach Ladan Bosso will start to earn his wages.

When pressed in the post match press conference how he would approach the knock out stages, Bosso said: “that is not something I intend to disclose in public.”

He however suggested that his approach changes depending on the team he is playing against and the stage of the tournament they are navigating.

"Against Ghana in the first game we knew we had to win to start the tournament on a sound footing. So we approached the match that way," said Bosso.

"We were however 'economical' against Burkina Faso because all we needed was a draw. But when they came out all guns blazing, we altered our approach to match their intensity. The semi-final is knock out football, we will approach the game with this in mind." Expressed a guarded Bosso. Nigeria played out a 2:2 draw against Burkina Faso this week after walking over Ghana 2:0 in the first game. Whatever critics might say about Bosso, at the very least he has gone better this time around compared with the last tournament. Bosso has clearly learnt a thing or two. Well done to Burkina Faso for providing a worthy adversary to Bosso’s Flying Eagles. I will be rooting for them to help dump Ghana out: it’s personal! A big congratulations to Bosso and his Flying Eagles for surmounting this group stage milestone.

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