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Super Eagles Fans Waiting To See What Dessers Offers

Heracles Almelo fc claim to have received offer from an unnamed club for Super Eagles hopeful striker Cyriel Dessers who has been deadly in league football this season.

Dessers’ 15 goals in 26 games stats last season in the Dutch league is just mad! That equates to roughly 1 goal in 2 games. I can now see why Super Eagles fans are drooling from the mouth in anticipation of what this weapon of mass casualties will inflict on Super Eagles opponents once hostilities resume. Having said that, Dessers should be aware that die-hard proponents of the physical nature of the game like Pastor Taribo West will lie in wait to analyse every aspect of his performance on African soil to determine whether ruthlessness in Belgium can translate to mercilessness in Super Eagles colours in the rough, rugged and unforgiving terrains of African Football. Joe Aribo was lucky: he played in the more familiar terrains of Western football against Ukraine and Brazil where his stellar performances have already helped shape his reputation before games against Lesotho and Benin reminded fans that he still has to add more repertoire to his toolkit before becoming the finished article for Nigeria when you consider the opponents, weather and officiating that he will be exposed to in the coming seasons. Still, Taribo West’s comments could have been more subtle and sensitive in its delivery. Dessers will be thrown into the harsh terrain of African Football where he would almost be expected hit the ground running or at least show a lot of promise. Stories linking Dessers to another seemingly higher profile club in hopefully a more glamorous leagues will only serve to wet the appetite of Super Eagles fans. With governments in Europe starting to ease Lockdown measures and the German Bundesliga taking the bold steps to resume during this global pandemic, club and national team football will expect to resume shortly. So, the wait to see what Dessers offers will inevitably come to an end. Then, should he hit the ground running, it will only go to confirm the faith many already have in him. Should he take to African football like duck to water, that will even be better.

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