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Son Heung-Min goal of the Season 

When a footballer score the sort of goal that Son Heung-Min executed eloquently yesterday in the English Premer League, then the whole world must take notice and celebrate such artistry that unravelled right before our very eyes. Taking the ball from just outside his own 18 yard box, the South Korea midfielder ran the length of the pitch, leaving destruction, desolation and devastion in his wake to find himself face – to – face with the Burnley goalkeeper before unleashing a shot that blasted into the net with all the players that should have stopped him left stunned and wondering what just happened! It was something out of Diego Maradona’s manual of how to make the world stop for a moment and focus all attention on one footballer. If Son Heung-Min lives for a thousand years, it is doubtful he would ever again score such a beauty! Speaking on match of the day programme afterwards, the man of the moment himself said: “As soon as I got the ball I tried to pass it to Dele; I was waiting, he was moving ; and I couldn’t find him so I kept moving; the pitch was long and there was a bit of luck as well. I am happy to score this goal, I think it was the best goal of my life.” concluded Son Heung-Min. The 27 year old winger has now scored 5 goals in his last 7 matches.

Tottenham Hotspur, who are winning again under new coach Jose Mourinho, won the match 5:0.

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