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Rohr and NFF contract talks: becoming embarrassing

This protracted contract talks between Gernot Rohr and his employers have done more to damage the reputation of both parties than advancing the steady and verifiable progress made by the Super Eagles since 2016. Although the perception of Rohr’s competency, impact and technical and tactical acumen is matter of hot debate among Super Eagles stakeholders, one fact is at the very least undeniable about the German’s reign : the Super Eagles have not regressed. Whether the national team has made progress or how far forward we have moved is still sharply either rejected or downplayed in some quarters (at times in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary). However, that is not the point. If the NFF no longer wish to continue their association with the former Gabon coach, then there is a more mature way to go about it. Making public the teams of a contract yet to be agreed to by Rohr is not very professional in my humble opinion. Rohr, as well, granting numerous interviews to talk about how ‘keen’ he is to sign a less improved contract makes him look to desperate and needy. Other coaches with enough personal pride in their own dignity might even have walked away all together solely because of the NFF’s handling of the matter. It now begs the question: why is Rohr desperate to manage the Super Eagles at all cost? Am I missing something! I strongly suggest to both parties that, now that Rohr has received the proposed contract, this matter should be shut out of media coverage until both parties have agreed to terms and conditions. The way this matter is being handled is painting both parties in bad light. In fairness to Rohr, there are times when he has only responded to media reports on the contract situation rather than instigate public discussions about it. Both the NFF and Rohr have played their part in the progress of the Super Eagles in the last 3 years. I think they should now realise that it is up to them to make sure that all that good work must not come to waste!

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