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Onyekuru: a career back on track? 

He went, he saw, but he stalled: Onyekuru's career in the French league ended in failure having played 4 out a possible 18 games this season before taking his shoes off and running back to the Turkey where he had tasted success the season before. In fact, the 22 year old had been a prolific goal scorer where ever he played prior to going to France: he scored 30 goals in 60 appearances for Eupen, 10 in 28 games in Anderlecht (where he actually fell out with the coach) and 16 goals in 46 games in Galastasaray last season. And then Monaco where he registered 1 assist in 4 games. To his credit, Monaco only lost once in the games that Onyekuru played. There have been a lot of speculations about what went wrong for Onyekuru in France. Some questioned his work ethics whilst others said he wasn't good enough to displace other options in the club. Whatever the case may have been, Onyekuru could not have become a poor player overnight ; there are two sides to every story. As of yet, the left winger hasn't come out to table his side of things. Rather, he has moved back to familiar territory to play his football without the shackles that haplessly restrained him in France. His move back to Galastasaray drew criticisms from a section of Super Eagles supporters who accused Onyekuru of choosing the easy and lazy way out. The same fans would have equally berated him if he hadn't taken practical steps to remedy the hopeless situation he found himself in Monaco which was certainly harming his Super Eagles career. Whichever the case, Onyekuru is back in Turkey hopefully to play regular football in a high profile, well managed, good quality European league and I for one am happy for him. After a brief battle with malaria, he has played 2 games and has already provided 1 assist. The signs are good, even at this early stages. With focus, hard work and dedication, Henry Onyekuru should return back to the nimble feet, free scoring dashing winger that we know him to be.

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