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Nigeria likely to rank 30 in next FIFA ratings 

With wins in the last 2 matches, a Super Eagles fan has predicted that Nigeria will climb up when the next FIFA rankings are released.

Commenting online, the fan wrote:

These are the performance stats for 2019 of the Super Eagles of Nigeria : Matches played:14 Matches won 9 Matches Drawn:3 Matches lost 2 FIFA ranking at the beginning of the year:45 FIFA ranking in October 35 Likely FIFA ranking at the end of the year: 30 to 32 Reasons for climb in final FIFA ranking of the year: Competitive matches played in November:2, wins 2 (6 points), of the teams between 39 and 29, none have done better than us so cannot over take us, of the teams between 29 and 34, these are their results: Northern Ireland (34th) Played two, 1 draw one loss – 1 point Serbia (33rd) Played 2: 1 win one draw – 4 points Turkey (32nd) Played 2, 1 win one draw – 4 points Slovakia (31st), played two, 1 win one loss – 3 points

Romania (29th) played 2 lost 2 – 0 points Tunisia (Joint 29th) played 2 won 2 – 6 points. So we will most likely leapfrog between two or three countries who dropped points in the last international football window.

We are now breathing down Tunisia’s neck for 2nd in Africa from 4th at the beginning of the year.

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