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Kiss of victory: Sierra Leone players to each get a kiss on their lips for defeating Nigeria 4:1?

Having examined closely the statement recently made by the President of Sierra Leone Football Association Isha Johansen, I have come to the conclusion that it was truly made in spirit of ‘friendly banter’ so I will approach it from that angle.

The one-time jailed wife of the Norwegian Consul to Sierra Leone said they will allow Nigeria score 1 goal out of pity (for the effort of travelling down to Freetown) before their skies will open to rain goals against Nigeria.

Very funny.

But, whether said in jest or not, it also sounds to me like a veiled threat.

Let’s be honest, if Sierra Leone can score 4 goals against Nigeria away, they will much fancy thier chances of doing the exact same thing in Sierra Leone, this time, hoping to limit Nigeria to only 1 goal.

So, Mrs Johansen is in effect predicting a 4:1 scoreline in favour of her team.

55 year old Isha Tejan-Cole Johansen has already achieved a lot for herself having been one of only a few women in the world to have headed a national football association. In all, I count less than 7 women in the world heading Football Associations (would we see the day when a woman will head the NFF or will be the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria?).

If her predictions jokingly delivered should come true (and Sierra Leone defeats Nigeria even by just 1 goal margin), then Isha would have added another feather to her cap as the Female Leader of her Football Association.

I watched a video that circulated social media of Amaju Pinnick giving the Super Eagles players and their coaching crew a dressing down in the dressing room after the shambolic ‘Blight Of Benin’ 4:4 draw.

Should Isha’s predictions hold true, each of the Sierra Leonean players should expect a kiss from thier inspirational and prophetic FA Chairwoman in the dressing room after the triumph.

Whether this contravenes Covid-19 guidelines or whether her Diplomat husband will take a dim view, Isha will not mind: each of those players will get a kiss if Sierra Leone beat Nigeria 4:1 in Freetown, full stop!

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