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Isaac Success is Becoming the King of Assists in Italy

Will there be a place for Isaac Success in the new look Super Eagles squad set to be unveiled in a few months time after the commencement of Afcon qualifier hostilities? Suffice to say that the playing field for players now is as plain as an ironing board following world cup qualifier elimination: nobody is a guaranteed starter, no one is guaranteed to make the squad. Isaac Success hit the headline this weekend with 2 glorious assists as his club came from behind to claim victory. The former youth protégé showed strength to fend off his marker before laying a delicate driven pass for Beto to do the rest. The second was simply sublime as his defense splitting pass left Cagliari’s defensive phalanx totally cleft before Molina finished off with aplomb. Such stately outputs from Success (if produced consistently) will no doubt impress his club coach and definitely catch the eye of any future Super Eagles gaffer. At the very least it will put him in the conversation of potentially one of the Super Eagles’ striking option. That, at the very least, is where he wants to inhabit. Isaac has 5 assists in 16 games in the Italian top flight thus far this season, a return of 1 assist per 3 games, a telling affirmation of how efficient he has been in this aspect of his game.

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