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Is Kelechi Iheanacho picking form at just the right time?

Leicester City Boss Brendan Rodgers has declared unequivocally that Iheanacho is nothing but an out-and-out centre forward.

I am also starting to see him just as that.

Although on a good day, Iheanacho’s ‘vision’ as a striker will be put to optimum use if he has a strike partner up front; not just him as a sole centre forward. He is starting to pick up form at just the right time. If he keeps this up, he will make a strong case for his inclusion to the list for March qualifiers. His header in this week's FA Cup quarter finals against Brighton was sublime: creating acres of real estate for himself deep in the 18 yard box, Iheanacho generated enough power with his header to seal deal after the ball evaded the goalkeeper's deflection attempt.

We need more headed goals in the national team. It is a welcome development to see Iheanacho score back to back headers. It spaes well for what he brings to the Super Eagles if invited.

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WeSuper Eagles if invited.

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