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Henry Onyekuru - a huge talent wasting away 

It is such a shame to see Onyekuru struggle the way he is at the moment on France. The former Belgium based winger deserves more. Already, his starting position in the national team has been taken up by Chukwueze, Kalu, M.Simon and Musa. His place on the bench is slowly being taken over by olayinka and Emmanuel Dennis. For one so young,one so promising, one so gifted, it is so painful to see him slip into national team oblivion. Just like the way he crashed to the floor behind the wall when Mahrez took and scored the heart breaking free kick that condemned us to 3rd play playoff, Onyekuru’s national team career has crashed down to earth of late. And you know what’s funny? Fans don’t seem to miss his absence. Why should we? Kalu, Chukwueze and others are doing the business; they are delivering the goods. A change of club should be the start of a change of national team fortunes for Onyekuru. Like Joseph Yobo recently said : “He is a great talent”. It will be a shame to see all that talent wasted – which is what is happening at the moment.

Onyekuru has recently been linked to Cska Moscow and Galastasaray.

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