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Flamingos Coach Bankole Plotting Ethiopia's downfall in final world cup qualifier

The Flamingos should keep their wits about them against these crafty Ethiopians. Recall, the Flamingos failed to defeat Ethiopia in the 2018 World Cup qualifiers. In this edition, they only managed a slim 1:0 win in the first leg – Ethiopia are still very much in this encounter.

It was the most difficult encounter for the Flamingos to date in this qualifying series.

“We would have liked to score more than 1 goal in this first leg so as to make the return leg easier for us,” said coach Bankole, “but we thank God for what we have.”

The Flamingoes gaffer added: "give or take, the Ethiopians are not pushovers. We know their history in sports generally. They have boundless energy so we just have to contain them and catch them the break. For the second leg, we will try as much as possible to stay focused, to work on our strategy, to psyche and motivate the girls more. That is why the Nigerian ambassador to Ethiopia and other dignitaries spoke to them to do well. The girls want to make themselves and Nigeria proud.”

Indeed, qualification for the world cup will bring a smile on many a Nigeria fan’s face. In what has been a disappointing year in terms of Qatar world cup qualification, the other national teams across age range hope to produce emollient performances that will soothe away the pain of the Super Eagles failings.

So far, that Flamingos have done their part in this swashbuckling, ruthless and gratifying world cup qualification campaign until now.

Crossing over the line with a favourable result against Ethiopia over the weekend will be the proverbial icing on the cake.

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