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Cyriel Dessers remains committed to the Super Eagles of Nigeria

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Quite a lot of Super Eagles fans were left bemused and perplexed by reports that hit several media outlets and social media feeds recently that new Genk of Belgium signing Cyriel Dessers was open to invitation from the Belgium national team.

Depending on which platform you read, some quoted Dessers as saying to Het Belang van Limburg in Belgium that: "At the moment, the national team is not an issue, we will know more in September.

Belgium? Nigeria? Maybe I will be summoned somewhere, maybe not.”

That quote was interpretated in many quarters to mean that Dessers will dump Nigeria if invited by Belgium when international football commences.

However, the 25 year old striker has now come out to sensationally reject this suggestion in its entirety according to

In a bid to confirm the initial story, correspondence tracked Dessers down to get his take on what was being circulated about him.

"They made a story from nothing," said Dessers.

"I didn’t even talk with the Belgium (national team handlers) and then they make a story.

(All I said was that) I hoped for a call (from Nigeria) in September, but that’s not even sure. That’s the coach who decides, It’s not in my hands." he concluded.

As reassuring as this statement from Dessers is, many Super Eagles fans will still be seeking an answer to a key question: if Belgium comes calling for him, will he at the very least consider playing for a team which are currently number 1 in the Fifa rankings?

Let's face it, Dessers compares well with some of the strikers at Belgium's disposal at the moment. Benteke, Lukaku, Batshuayi and Origi are all fantastic Belgian strikers however Dessers can compete with some of them if given the chance.

And why shouldn't he? The prospects of playing in the Euros next year and the world cup in 2022 for one of the most exciting European teams of our time is an opportunity very few players would reject.

Having said all that, we can only take Dessers word for it that he remains 100% committed to the Super Eagles of Nigeria.

Perhaps the prospects of playing in one of the most flamboyant, talented and rathe-ripe Super Eagles outfit since the early 1990s is something Dessers finds impossible to resist.

With the calibre of players at our disposal currently , this Super Eagles side is going places ; several dual nationality players will love to be part of the possibilities.

The truth is that many Super Eagles fans are already waiting for Dessers to display his immense skills and capabilities for Nigeria.

The Belgian born's hunger and passion have already won many over. It will be such a shame if he makes U-turn at this stage.

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