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Can The Super Falcons Win The World Cup as Veteran Onome Ebi Hopes?

The records and pattern of play of the Super Falcons do not support Ebi’s lofty ambitions of the Super Falcons winning the world cup.

They currently struggle to best teams ahead of them in the FIFA rankings and they don’t yet impose their will on their opponents compelling enough. “If we have more of this kind of friendlies against Canada, I believe there’s nothing God cannot do; we can win the World Cup,” said Ebi. On social media, a body of fans are even questioning 38 year old Ebi’s continued participation in the team. For me, it is not just her age but the fact that she is currently clubless. There are far too many younger vivacious indigenous and dual nationality center backs for us to be doting on an unattached soon-to-be pensioner. After a whole 5 world cups, Ebi is gunning for a 6th tournament next year by which time she would be 40 years old. A flip side to that is that, if she remains fit and sharp, then her inclusion can be somewhat justified by Waldrum’s management team. That said, footballers, males or females, should be willing to step aside in a timely manner for younger players having paid their dues. Nigeria will be looking to avenge Saturday morning’s loss to Canada when they meet for the concluding part of their duo-friendlies tomorrow morning.

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