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Can Onuachu score a basket load of goals in clubs like Liverpool or Manchester City?

Genk sporting director Dimitri Conde has come to say they are still waiting for the right offer for Nigeria forward Paul Onuachu as speculations continue to swirl about the Super Eagles striker's future following the jaw dropping season he is having.

The 26 year old sharpshooter has thus far scored a mouthwatering 29 goals in 33 games in the Belgian League with 2 assists to his name.

Onuachu is already attracting interest from big clubs like Liverpool. It is whether the Super Eagles striker will be happy with the conditions attached to such a move (if indeed a firm offer is made).

Speculations have it that should Onuachu accept to move to a top club in Spain, Germany or England he would be required to accede to not being the first choice striker.

His situation will mirror those of Divock Origi of Liverpool and Olivier Giroud of Chelsea. In effect, either a Plan B from the start or an impact sub from the bench either of which comes with a much reduced playing time.

Will Onuachu accept such a package?

Regardless of the calibre of league or club, my sense is that such a move will almost certainly spell the end for Onuachu’s currently-flaky Super Eagles status.

There’s no gainsaying in conceding that Onuachu’s brand of centre forward play is restrictive meaning he needs a club in which the beat of their attacking drum and philosophy plays to the tune danceable to Onuachu.

The single most important factor making him relevant to the Super Eagles narrative is his goals-to-games ratio which is contingent upon (very) healthy game time.

Onuachu should go to where his attributes will be maximised, not repressed.

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