Arguments against hiring a local coach for the Super Eagles at this time

Hot on the heels of suggestions in some quarters of the football fraternity in Nigeria that coach Gernot Rohr should give way for a local coach, a concerned Super Eagles fan went to an online discussion board to eloquently provide reasons - as he see them - as to why this will not be a good idea for the national team at this time.

What is telling is that this contributor is not wholeheartedly a fan of Gernot Rohr as he sees several deficiencies in the German's methods and questionable way of motivating his players (by constantly referring to them as a young squad). Nonetheless, he sees no point in replacing the German at this time, more so with a local coach.

His sentiments are presented below:

Reasons Why I am Voting Against a Nigerian Coach

I have said it a thousand times that I am not a fan of Coach Rohr. However, I am not in support of this suggestion of a home grown coach taking over from him.

1) The NFF have no respect for a home grown coach. They will mess him up and demoralise him.

2) The NFF want a home grown coach because they know they can control him and push him around.

3) Our foreign born footballers may be more receptive to a European coach convincing them to switch nationality. Don’t forget that most of these foreign born are not used to our way of life because they have lived in foreign lands all their lives and even consider themselves a part of those nations.

3) There have been too many accusations of bribery and corruption among our home grown coaches. Some have even been caught red handed by under cover journalists posing as agents!

4) 99.9% of our best legs play for foreign clubs. Our coaches go there for training and refresher courses. This implies that the best football brains are foreigners. Why don’t we invite them to come teach us? We have the raw talents, but these Europeans are more advanced in the technicalities of the game. The only way we can beat them is to learn from them. That is the humble truth.

5) Our best football ‘season’ so far was in 1994-96. And foreign coaches were in charge then.

6) The foreign coach we have at present hasn’t given us any reason why we should detest foreign coaches. He has endured all the ugly politics of the NFF and all the difficulties associated with working in Nigeria. He has not given us any good reason why we should not go for another European if we let him go.

7) If our home grown coaches were suitable for the job, why did we go for a foreigner in the first place? Is it not because we got fed up with our own boys that we sought the services of a foreigner? Why do we like taking one step forward and two steps backward?


I believe that home grown coaches will one day handle the Super Eagles and make us proud. But that time is still in the future. For now, let us stick with the services of willing coaches from Europe. Let the home grown coaches assist and understudy them. Their time will come.


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