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Alex Iwobi Continues To Turn A Corner At Everton

It is great to see that Alex Iwobi is slowly warming his way to the heart of Everton fans.

Most of the Everton stakeholders had written off the Super Eagles midfielder as a misfit who has flopped spectacularly. His goals to games ratio is pretty abysmal for a £34 million player.

Since joining Everton in 2019, Iwobi has struggled to string together a consistent run of form. One can understand why his yo-yo performances attracted bitter criticisms from Everton faithfuls.

The abilities and potentials were always there, he just needed to showcase these compellingly and regularly.

When Everton were trying to push for the top of the Premier League, Iwobi was nowhere to be found. However, as they try to avoid the drop the lower division football, Iwobi has transformed himself spectacularly.

For a player whose average ratings used to be 6.5/10 on the statistics website, the 26 year old is now trending on 7.1/10 in his last 4 games.

That is consistency for you.

He has been tenacious, focused, effective, versatile, fluid and productive in recent games.

Appraising him for today’s win against Iheanacho’s Leicester City, Adam Jones wrote on Liverpool Echo:

“Alex Iwobi – 8

Another solid performance at right wing-back, but you still can’t shake the feeling that you’re losing something without his attacking play further up the pitch. Regardless of that, however, he continues to show his versatility and defensive nous with some very clever play,” End of quote

The other week, I wrote on how Iwobi earned plaudits from the likes of England legend Ian Wright for his excellent work rate.

Should Everton stay afloat in the English Premer League, Iwobi would have played a huge part in this, when you consider how precarious their situation is.

It will then be left for him to carry such a blistering form into next season with a level of consistency that has thus far been absent in his game over the last three years.

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