Nigeria vs Brazil key battles won and lost

As Super Eagles fans continue to bask in the euphoria of the superlative 1:1 draw against mighty Brazil over the weekend, Afrofooty brings you the view of one happy Nigeria fan who joyfully compiled the outcomes of key battles in the match played in Singapore:

Osimhen vs Ederson:

Ederson was able to cope with the in form striker. Winner Ederson. One of the top keepers in world football was not unduly troubled by Osimhen.

Caveat: The Lillle man did show his qualities with some decent efforts on goal.

Moses Simon vs Dani Alves:

Alves schooled Simon. Not for nothing is Dani regarded as one of the best right backs in world football. The only player who has gotten past Dani with any success is C Ronaldo and it showed why. Moses restricted to passes rather than dribbles. One assist. Winner Dani.

Caveat: Eloquent ball control and sublime pass from Simon led to the goal that left Brazil and their fans fearing for a humiliating defeat before their lucky second half goal.

Chukwueze vs Lodi

Samuel troubled Lodi throughout the first half and Lodi only came into the game as Samu tired in the second half. Winner Samuel.

Addition: Chukwueze showed another dimension to his game with delightfully frightening in-swinging crosses.

Iwobi vs Casimero:

Iwobi did not have his best game although apart from the goal he created a couple of chances. He

came up against a DM on form. Casimero only shades it as he scored the equalising goal.

Caveat: Iwobi's focus when Nigeria was without the ball was crucial to keeping Brazil at bay.

Aribo vs Arthur:

Aribo wins this one, losing Arthur for the goal and covering every blade of grass in the cause. Aribo wins.

Addition: The night belongs to Aribo who sliced through the Brazil defence to score a goal worth its weight in goal.

Ndidi vs Neymar/Coutinho:

Having dispatched Neymar back to the bench, Ndidi also restricted Coutinho’s chances to few and far between. Ndidi was the defence minister organising those behind him regularly. Ndidi wins.

Addition: As a creative force, Ndidi still lacks key elements.

Awaziem vs Jesus/Parqueta:

Chidozie hardly put a foot wrong. Yes once he went to ground too early and was beaten, but once only in the match. He won most tackles and Jesus changed wings to see if he could get more joy attacking Collins. Was Parqueta even in the match? Awaziem hands down.

Addition: The experience of playing as makeshift right back in the Afcon have come to serve him dearly.

Troost-Ajayi vs Firminho/Barbosa:

The centre backs put in a massive shift and almost shut out Brazil. Bobby Firminho gave way to Gabi-Goal Barbosa but still no joy. Took a chance from Casimero to equalise. Troost-Ajayi shade it against a fearsome attack (on paper).

Addition: Restricting Brazil to just one equalising goal, it is hard to criticise Ekong even if though the quality of his performances have clearly dipped in recent times.

Collins vs Everton/ Richarlison/Jesus:

Boy was he put under pressure. A few needless fouls and he was targeted as the weakest link in the defence. He stood up to all that was thrown at him and he will have some aches and pains this morning. I have to give this to the Brazilians for their sheer tenacity. Them bombard our guy.

Caveat: for weathering tsunami of Brazil assaults (particularly in the first half), Collins deserves high praise.

Uzoho vs Brazil:

A 1-1 draw on this match. Uzoho made some crucial saves and was impressive until he went off injured. Yes he was beaten, but he put in a good shift. Honours shared.

Caveat: Uzoho deflected 2 clear goal scoring opportunities that he would not have been blamed had either scored. Uzoho is clearly Super Eagles Numero Uno

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