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Who is a better centre forward, Victor Osihmen or Harry Kane?

Manchester United manager Erik Ten Hag is reportedly in favour of a move for Victor Osimhen over Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane.

The Red Devils are in the market for a new striker following Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure last year.

This has spawned the argument among Super Eagles fans of who the better centre forward is between the young Nigeria centre forward and the hugely experienced England striker.

In my view, Harry Kane for now is a world class support striker with the vision to deliver top notch assists that are unmatched in world football, Victor Osihmen is not there yet in the support striker department but he is a handful for defenders.

When it comes to finishing, Kane’s accuracy is the stuff of the gods. But take nothing away from our Osihmen, he will browbeat defenders and he definitely knows his way to goal with grace, poise and elegance. Osihmen does good numbers as seen this season in Italy.

For now, as a cool head, experienced, all-around centre forward, I think Kane has a slight edge over Osihmen. The key word there is “slight”.

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