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What are the justifications for clamouring for changing the Super Eagles coaching team?

We learnt some very valuable lessons in the two games that Finidi oversaw as Super Eagles head coach in these 2 world cup qualifiers.

These include:

– The Super Eagles have players who can rise from setback (vs South Africa).

– The Super Eagles have players who draw first blood (vs Benin).

– The Super Eagles midfield can indeed be creative (in the two games).

– The Super Eagles can knuckle down and put pressure on opponents (in the two games).

– The Super Eagles can take the fight to the opposition (in the two games).

The variables above are positives that are inescapable. So, it is now up to the sports ministry, NFF and the federal government to build on these positives to help Nigeria come second in the group and qualify for the inter-continental playoffs to give us a fighting chance of qualifying for the world cup.

Winning the group is possible but seems very improbable; but coming second is very possible indeed. If these 3 powerful stakeholders are serious, if they have the interest of soccer-loving Nigerians at heart, they will butt heads together to fashion out a credible world cup qualification recovery strategy to navigate Nigeria’s ambitions back on track.

At the heart of this strategy will be the immediate disbanding of the current Finidi George-led management team. And then, specific job requirements to be drawn up with roles and responsibilities of a coach that is vastly experienced in successfully recovering a lost course in football competitions.

There are very many such coaches out there; coaches that have snatched league status survival from the deadly jaws of relegation. Very many of such coaches will be queuing up to have a crack at rescuing Nigeria’s flailing world cup qualification ambitions.

And we have players fired up to drag Nigeria out of the mud.

A panel made up of foreign recruitment specialists should be tasked with identifying, shortlisting and recommending the successful candidate to the NFF. Between the NFF, sports ministry and the federal government, they should spare no expense to bring the successful candidate on board. This is very doable between these 3 stakeholders.

I want to thank Finidi for his efforts; he did his best but he needed to hit the ground running. Just 1 win in 4 games (2 friendlies and 2 competitive games) is not good enough. Yes, he (Finidi) faced structural problems, but on the pitch, his tactical and technical injections, along with team selections and player arrangements were gravely inadequate ingredients for success required as Super Eagles coach.

Finidi now has to go (I say that without grudge to him).

Federal government, sports ministry and the NFF, come together to engage an older vastly experienced coach like Sam Allardyce, Tony Pulis who has track record of rescuing valuables from a sinking ship.

Retaining Finidi shows me that the NFF, sports ministry and the federal government are not as emotionally engaged and invested in the Super Eagles’ world cup ambitions like majority of the fans are. Believe me, it we fans can set up a Go-Fund-Me page on social media to raise the funds to employ a competent coach, we will do it.

But why should it come to that? Is Nigeria that insolvent?

I am down on my knees for these 3 powerful stakeholder to do the needful; the Super Eagles brand cannot be left to fade into oblivion!

Save us from international embarrassment!

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