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What Are The Factors That Can Derail Peseiro's Eagles' Afcon and World Cup Qualification Ambitions

Despite optimistm in some quarters I have to say Nigeria seems unready to be framed as a team capable of lifting the Afcon trophy.

I was satisfied with the outcome of the last game against Mozambique but the facts hide the brutal reality.

– We concede from set pieces

– Our defensive apparatus is wobbly.

– We have glaring goalkeeping issues (which is slightly different from saying we have goalkeeper problems. We have known good goalkeepers who need to be supported with state of the art training and other goalkeepers who need to be discovered and encouraged)

– Our midfield is lightweight.

– Some players are simply not delivering the goods despite multiple invitations.

– Our players haven’t demonstrated enough technical capabilities to suggest they can maximise the possibilities in Peseiro’s philosophy.

Peseiro continues to practice a philosophy of “practice makes perfect”. So he has stubbornly kept to his ways. I pray it comes good for him and Nigeria eventually.

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