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Uzoho embarrassed by some fans' comments

In granting a recent interview chronicled in quite number of Nigerian online media outlets, Francis (the fox) Uzoho joins a long list of former and current Super Eagles stars using this opportunity of limited football activities to share their thoughts with teeming fans.

Some of these interviews have thrown up rather odd headlines – from the sale of the 1994 Super Eagles match against Italy to the rebuttal of Iwobi from an inconsistent to an unpredictable player (six of one or half a dozen of the other if you ask me ‘Lol’).

However, mild mannered Uzoho used this opportunity to provide an update on his injury situation thereby calming the nerves of those who cannot wait for this saviour to return and deliver us from the calamity many see Akpeyi to be – a view not shared by me though.

Nonetheless, I rate Uzoho highly indeed and was pleased to hear him say: “I am feeling better. I can kick ball now unlike before. I am 6 months gone in my 8 months recovery period, I just need to work on my strength and in 2 months , I will be back fully.”

Equally heavy on the mind of the 21 year old world cup winner (at under 17) is the issue about his age.”It’s very embarrassing when your fellow countrymen make insinuating remarks about the age of the young man defending the honour of the nation,” said Uzoho movingly.

“I was smallish back then in 2013 when I participated in the World Cup with the U17 National team. I later went to Aspire Academy, where I learned a lot.

My looks and body build changed when I started using the Gym and was working out seriously.” He lamented.

Allegations of age cheating has dogged Nigerian football as far back as cocks have been crowing at dawn.

However, with FIFA introducing MRI screening for under 17 world cup players in 2013, players like Uzoho have had stonger cases to refute such allegations because their participation at the tournament can be taken as proof of their age.

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