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Super Falcons Players Looked Cool Calm and Composed In 2nd Day of Training Despite Background Chaos

Crisis, What Crisis?

Despite all of the well publicised administrative spat between coach Randy Waldrum and his NFF employers in recent weeks, the sight of the Super Falcons team jumping out of their team bus for their official second day of training painted the picture of calm, tranquility and readiness to face the challenges ahead.

Hopping off the bus one by one – like stallions galloping forward at the sound of a battle horn – in their rather bizarre reddish top with the NFF emblem firmly affixed, the players appeared mostly buoyant and well motivated with what appeared to be spring on their steps. Leading the pack was none other than their vocal and supremely loyal gaffer Randy Waldrum with their Fitness trainer Kyle Quigly.

Jogging across the camera with poise, grace and elegance after doing individual stretches and warm ups in front of mini goalposts, these players look ready for business.

Bring on Canada!

Bring on Australia!

Bring on Ireland!

No shaking, we are Nigeria, we thrive under chaotic circumstances!

In my mind, the motion picture of those players whipping themselves into shape painted those words.

Randy Waldrum will still have to be judged and assessed game by game.

Despite his grievances against the NFF, he had the option to hand in his resignation. But he has stayed, for now. He hopes to tap into his players’ professionalism, he hopes to tap into his fatherly relationship and bond with the players. He hopes to bring his tactical acumen to the fore in a manner that will hopefully sidestep the fire that is on the mountain of his relationship with the NFF and propel the players to greater heights.

Funny enough I say his relationship with the NFF but the veteran college coach is actually fighting for his players: he has taken flack from the NFF and fans for continually backing players likes Tochukwu Oluehi and Ifeoma Onumonu.

But this morning, on the face of it, the players look good, happy and composed. Despite the backroom chaos, we fans remain resolute in our support of the team.

Behind every successful coach is his or her sidekick/assistant. I remember how I used to feel reassured seeing Waldrum consult trusted world cup winning assistant Lauren Gregg, like a married couple, on this sidelines in the Afcon last year.

Sadly, what God had joined together, NFF has [allegedly] put asunder. So Randy will have to do it all by himself.

Good luck Randy!

Good luck ladies!

We love you!

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