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Randy Waldrum To Step Down After World Cup?

The Head Coach of the Super Falcons Randy Waldrum, who is overseeing one of the poorest periods of the history of the team results-wise, is set to step down from the role after the Women’s World Cup in the summer.

The beleaguered American gaffer said in an interview that it is cumbersome travelling back and forth to Nigeria from his base whilst combining it with his college coaching role.

Under Waldrum, the Super Falcons failed to win any medal in the Afcon last year - by far one of their worst performances in the competition - with the team losing very many friendly matches afterwards.

He is known for arranging players in awkward positions and also using formations unstable to the personnel at his disposal. The team often have no discernable pattern and has failed to forge a veritable identity under the American.

Quite a number of Super Falcons fans would rather he resigns with immediate effect but I don't think that is wise. I would be content with leaving him to anchor the team to the Women’s World Cup and then part ways as he himself has planned.

It is hard to see anything other than monumental failure for the team at the World Cup. With high flying Ireland, fired up Australia and powerhouse Canada in the group, Nigeria's chances under Waldrum are hopeless if recent results are anything to go by.

But maybe he and his sidekick Lauren Gregg might just work a miracle. Maybe the ladies might perform beyond the technical injection of their coach. Miracles do happen.

And Nigeria needs a miracle under Waldrum if they are to come out of the lions den of a group that they find themselves in the world cup. Before then, the outcome of April's friendlies against Haiti and New Zealand provide another glimpse of what to expect in the summer.

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