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Nigeria vs Morocco: Will Today's Match Be Enthralling?

Today's Wafcon semifinal encounter between Nigeria and Morocco promises to be an intriguing encounter.

In Nigeria’s quater final slim but sumptuous triumph against Cameroon, that match was cagey and anticlimactic for most parts.

When it comes to entertainment factor, that match will not live long in the memory.

The Super Falcons were the most cautious, defensive and practical than they had been in the competition.

The same could be said for the Indomitable Lionesses who also committed much resources in negating and neutralising Nigeria.

It was a slugfest at times.

But Cameroon were a bit more daring which proved their undoing as Ajibade stole behind the fullback to stab home from close range when they least expected.

One would expect today's encounter to be more open, vibrant and thoroughly enthralling with high entertainment value. But, going by what both coaches have been saying, I think fans are set to (again) witness two teams try to cancel each other out which dilutes the entertainment content.

But the coaches and players won't care. Entertainment doesn't win football matches, goals do (either by scoring or by not conceding, which will be paramount in the minds of the coaches and players).

That said, there will definitely be entertainment on offer. Morocco have a number of flair players who will aim to inflict harm with charm.

The Super Falcons on their part have exciting players who will be keen to leave their mark on the encounter in an emphatic manner.

So, the practical and rigid approach of each coach will still yield some inevitable jaw dropping moments from the players.

This will be the ultimate West meets North. Whenever that happens, fireworks are inescapable, regardless of the instructions issued to the players!

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