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Is Onome Ebi Still Relevant To the Super Falcons?

The phrase ‘old soldier never die’ comes to mind as Onome Ebi recently concluded her move to a local Nigerian side Naija Ratels

In men’s football, a Super Eagles player I respect so much in Rabiu Ali is still going strong at the ripe age of 43 in the domestic scene.

So, it is not entirely inconceivable for Ebi to aim for attending the Olympics in Paris next year at the age of 42.

Joining a local team is quite noble and respectable.

Ebi now plans to add massive value to the domestic scene.

“I want to give back to Nigerian football,” said Ebi.

“Not only to give, not only to support but to play with the youngest team, I said I was not going to play for big teams, so these young ones can get the opportunity I didn’t have,” she said.

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