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Is Jose Peseiro Just a Lame-Duck Yes-Man Coach To His NFF Employers?

“My philosophy as a coach is to play attacking football,” Peseiro said recently.

“I love my team to score and pressure the opponent, this is the best way to unsettle your opponent and win games.”

The NFF appears to have a coach that is willing to tolerate certain unfavorable working conditions if it means keeping his job at all costs. As far as I have seen, the Portuguese Gaffer has been a man of his words as Nigeria coach.

The Super Eagles have attempted to be on the front foot in all the matches he presided over thus far with a basket load of goals to boot.

He talks about his love and philosophy for attacking football which has seen the Super Eagles score an unbelievable 14 goals in just 6 games. With the nasty cloud of the failure to qualify for the Qatar World Cup slowly clearing, perhaps fans will start to judge Peseiro on his own merits.

He doesn’t seem to complain about delay in salary payment, for instance. He just wants to get on with the job at hand.

His philosophy and playing style are clearly evident in the way the Super Eagles file out.

He just needs to win over more fans which will only occur with the Super Eagles oozing a remarkable style and flamboyant and favourable outcomes.

I will never blame Peseiro for squad selections. I think this administrative aspect is heavily influenced by some bigwigs in the Glasshouse. A meek and easygoing coach like Peseiro – who is willing to tolerate and overlook certain things in order to cling on to his job – is unlikely to want to ‘rock the NFF boat’.

I think Peseiro is the sort of employee many dubious employers like.

So, I will judge Peseiro by composition of his match day squad and how his team interpret his instructions and philosophy on the pitch.

So, I eagerly wait for the upcoming matches against Guinea Bissau. The NFF has their man, will Super Eagles fans have the results?

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