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Is it healthy to continually compare Osihmen to other strikers and praise him incessantly?

Hardly a day goes by without sports news platforms running stories about pundits, coaches, ex-footballers and obsevers either heaping praises at Osihmen or saying he is better than Lukaku or other center forwards in world football. It’s becoming boring. The young striker is surely rathe-ripe but it is good to wait for the accolades to come in before showering encomiums to the degree being thrown at Osihmen at the moment. There are Balon d’Or nominations to be achieved and Africa footballer of the year to be won. Nigeria have to exceed current milestones and Napoli have to win continental tournaments. I think it is way too early for these praises and Osihmen should dig his heels in, stay focused and continually improve all facets of his game. I really pay little attention to all these potentially damaging attention Osihmen is receiving. Praising a player that is doing well is one thing, going to town with the praises is quite another. Funnily, it is the same people who ostensibly build him up now who will be only to enthusiastic in bringing him down if his form dips. Comparing Osihmen with Lukaku in the recent Complete Sports article is not only unhelpful but rather unnecessary. Lukaku is his own striker, Osihmen is his.

Already, a number of platforms are running stories suggesting that Osihmen’s transfer to Napoli is being investigated by the authorities for financial discrepancies. This is not good. Make no mistake about it, not everyone is happy about Osihmen’s rising profile. Our people will say every lizard’s stomach is facing the ground hence it is impossible to know which of them is experiencing stomach troubles. Osihmen has a long way to go. Well meaning stakeholders are very happy for his development.

I think they just want him to get on with it and not get distracted by meaningless comparisons and dubious praises.

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