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How Falconets Demolished a Male Team In Preparations For World Cup Qualifiers

In advance of their winner-takes-all world cup qualifiers against stylish Senegal this month, Nigeria's U20 women's side aka the Falconets dismantled the Sports Dreams U14 Boys team in a hugely impressive 3-1 win this week.

In this tune up match, meant to help polish aspects of the Falconets' strategy, tactics and applications, the male side through Paul Ugwu drew first blood to make it 1:0 and perhaps suggest that girls have no business playing boys regardless of any age gap.

However, Esther Onyenezide didn't read that script as she stunned the boys and probably herself with a goal that was as jaw dropping as it was a statement of intent, 1:1 the scoreline at that stage.

With the boys still wandering what hit them, Taiwo Lawal tore the back of the net with an emphatic drive to make it 2:1 for the fabulous Falconets. The boys were yet again thunderstruck! Their coaches, no less so, for their misguided judgement of underestimating these fearless Falconets was going to cost them more than hurt pride.

Still reeling, the boys were to have a final sting in their already bruised tails as the now rampant Falconets gave them the kiss of death with Lawal securing her brace to send a message to Senegal and totally demoralise the boys.

3:1 it ended.

This warm up match is a morale booster for the Falconets who are aiming to snatch the World Cup ticket on offer against Senegal.

Having scored a total of 7 unrepied goals against Congo and Cameroon in the previous rounds of qualifiers, the Falconets have no intentions of pulling their feet of the goals scoring pedal against Senegal.

These ones are trained to be ruthless, relentless and to show no mercy. They can't be reasoned with, they can't be bargained with. This Falconets will not stop until they annihilate their antagonists , be it a male or female team.

The first away leg is slated for Friday 11th of March while the second in Nigeria is on the 25th.

The Falconets, who have appeared in 9 World Cups, are silver medallists on 2 occasions in the tournament.

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