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How Come Okoye, for Udinese Fell, To The Same Sword That Pierced Uzoho against Saudi Arabia?


Okoye's first game for Udinese this week saw him pull off some truly remarkable saves only for a familiar ghost to rear its ugly head.

Just have a look at the highlights of Uzoho against Ronaldo’s Manchester United in last season’s Europa league and you will see a goalkeeper that excels in close range combat with the ball.

Time after time, shots rained down on Uzoho from close range like hail storms which he expertly deflected with aplomb, similar to Okoye’s Udinese curtain raiser yesterday – the German-Nigeria was a sight to behold in subduing efforts in close quarters with well timed runs and expertly executed parries.

But, the crucial goal that brought Cagliary back into the tie was near carbon copy of the freekick that Uzoho conceded against Saudi Arabia. It was painful to watch Okoye misread the flight of the freekick from long range thereby failing to dive in time as the ball sailed into the net.

Do Okoye and Uzoho need glasses?

Inability to deal with long range strikes continues to be bane of both goalkeepers.

If they can both hit that one shortcoming on the head, then they can surely take their places in the echelons of top African goalkeepers.

Their timing and technique in dealing with shots fired from different directions around the 18 yard box are remarkable. Someone should help both of them with goalkeeping telescope to be able to identify football-comets from afar to mount the right goalkeeping techniques in deflecting these to safety.

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