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Falconets Feeling Positive in Tanzania

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

The Falconets remain the darling of many a Nigeria fan due to how they decimate on the continent and how they manage to punch their weight on the global stage. Two runners up medals and several second round qualifications in the Under-20 Women's World Cup attest to this statement.

Though they erupted like a house on fire in the group stages of the last world cup, their flame was sadly doused in the second round in a match where they failed to show up in 90 minutes.

Danjuma's damsels have now shown up in Dar es Salaam to commence another qualifiers campaign.

This team is stitched together by strands of last year's Under-17 team, remnants of the last Under-20 team and a smattering of newcomers combed from the domestic scene.

"I am in Tanzania to do my best for the team." Said marquee centre forward Opeyemi Ajakaye. "With the instructions being given to us by Coach Danjuma, I believe we can come out victorious", she concluded.

We Nigeria fans should be under no illusion; this will be a strern test for the Falconets. Tanzania have been making steady strides in women's football of late so Nigeria are hoping to draw a highly prized victory from highly formidable opponents.

However, with the likes of Taiwo Afolabi, Opeyenmi Ajakaiye, Jumoke Alani and Chisom Chima in their ranks, the Falconets can definitely move mountains.

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