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Embittered Ngozi Okobi Lambasts Waldrum

Hot on the heels of being unceremoniously jettisoned like a sack of hot Garri from the Super Falcons squad to grace the World Cup, angry and disappointed midfielder Ngozi Okobi is now fighting back.

In not too pleasant words against the coach that deemed her surplus to world cup requirements, Okobi has described Waldrum in terms that could mildly be construed as milquetoast and inept.

"Randy is not a coach for the Super Falcons," said embittered Ngozi. "He is the least coach that has been coaching the Super Falcons. Even our own local coaches they are far better than him."

These sour-grapes attacks came after Waldrum complained about lack of adequate world cup preparations by the NFF.

"This man is just bringing in all these excuses....he’s just seeking attention for people to look at him just in case he fails..the man doesn't understand football." bemoaned Okobi.

Losing her world place to the likes of younger more vibrant Jennifer Echegini and Deborah Abiodun appears to have been a bitter pill for Ngozi to swallow.

The World Cup starts without her in the team list next month.

To be honest, I have always been of the view that the likes of Ordega, Ayinde and Auntie Onome Ebi are long in the tooth of the team and really running the risk of overstaying their Super Falcons welcome.

So I am sorry to say that I didn’t shed a shred of tear for Okobi’s exclusion. She has served Nigeria well over the years and we thank her likes for their service. I think it is high time for them to sail into the sunset of International Football retirement.

We now have the likes of Israel based Mercy Idoko and exciting Esther Onyenezide to nurture and unleash to opponents.

I wish the Super Falcons great success in Australia and New Zealand.

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