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Can Waldrum Weave The Super Falcons Into a Formidable Outfit For The Women’s World Cup?

This season, a number of Nigerian female superstars have been spectacular in their clubs. Just this week for example, sharpshooter Uchenna Kanu scored a brace in the competitive Mexican women's league.

In fact, it is not a stretch to say that with players like Kanu, Oshoala, Payne, Ajibade, Ucheibe, Plumptre and Gift Monday, Nigeria has what it takes to upset the apple cart in the world cup in the summer if Waldrum is able to display some tactical acumen.

According to media outlets, Coach Waldrum himself said: "Everyone wants to get to the knockout stage but obviously in order to achieve that, you have to advance out of the group and now, our focus is principally on doing that.”

Is it me or has the NFF been quite about their plans for priming the Super Falcons for the tournamen? By now we should have been hearing rumbles of friendly matches or invitational tournaments but nothing.

From what we have seen, the Super Falcons perform better after adequate preparations. They ground out a 1:1 draw against Canada and succumb to a very slim 2:1 loss to the United States after having time to prepare.

Hopefully the NFF will unveil their pre-world Cup plans for the Super Falcons sooner rather than later.

We are in the same group with Canada, co-hostesses Australia and high flying Ireland in the tournament.

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