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Can Alex Iwobi Transform Himself From An Everton Flop To A Fan-favourite?

With Everton fighting teeth and claws to avoid relagation, having defied the odds to defeat mighty Manchester United over the weekend, embattled coach Frank Lampard has referred to the ever so capricious Alex Iwobi as his promontory. “Alex [Iwobi] is one who people can see I rely on. We have moved his position, we have changed in, and he has offered so much,” said the Chelsea legend. Something tells me Iwobi will sustain this period of purple patch. Like a pugilist, the 25 year old midfielder seems up for the fight to help Everton avoid the drop to the English Championship. Known for incontrovertible workrate, he has stepped his efforts up a notch with lung bursting performances lately. Former critics like England legend Ian Wright praised Iwobi to high heavens for his insane work rate against Manchester United. “Alex Iwobi was magnificent, and he’s somebody that no matter how he’s playing – even when he played against West Ham and made a mistake – he does not stop trying to get on the ball, to be progressive,” said Wright. “It was his work rate today. This is the kind of performance you want to see from somebody at home. The Everton fans want to see [it] because if they’re going to get themselves out of this predicament, it’s this kind of work rate,” concluded the Arsenal legend on television. I was proud of Iwobi when I saw Ian Wright spoke so highly of him. Iwobi is also currently receiving rave reviews from Everton fans on social media for his efforts, drive and determination. Should Everton avoid the drop, Iwobi would be seen as having been key to this late great escape. He will then be in prime position to reset his relationship with the Everton fan base. My prayer is that he doesn’t resurrect the ghost of his chronic tendency for inconsistent performances. He was rated 7.2/10 against Newcastle on the 17th of March for his stellar output . If he can maintain an average of 7/10 ratings across a healthy number of games for Everton into next season, then, like Iheanacho in Leicester, he would have succeeded in re-writing his own history from a flop to a fan -favourite. Will he be able to achieve such a 360 turnaround? Only time will tell. 00 Rate this

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