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Is it all over for home based Super Eagles?

After a disastrous performance by the home based Eagles in Lomés, Togo, which for sure will leave passionate fans in Nigeria irritated, Imama Amapakabo and his boys have not just a mountain to climb but a population of over 200 million to please.

This was a game that was supposed to be a start of many good things to come, or maybe Nigerians were just daydreaming, either ways as Nigerians it’s in our DNA to do well in wherever we find ourselves and it’s fair to say that the home eagles did not cover themselves in glory in anyway whatsoever, losing 4-1 in Lomé, do not show what we represent and who we are.

The game started rather positively for the Eagles, Sunusi Ibrahim gave Nigeria the lead in the 8th minute before the Togolese trio of Richard Nane, Tchakei Marouf and Agoro Ashraf completed the comeback for a humiliating defeat for the Eagles.

Head coach for the Home based Eagles Imama Amapakabo who had previously expressed confidence in his boys also emphasized their zeal, optimism and desire to do well arrived the stadium looking all confident with smiles on his face, also noting how important the match was and how crucial a result of any sort in the first leg would help the Eagles push for qualification.

In truth the performance from the home based Eagles was a total catastrophe, the midfield collapsed, the defense made errors, we allowed the Togolese to dominate the match, poor decision making, the zeal, desire and hunger the Head coach spoke about was a distant past when compared to event that was happening on the field of play and even when we had the highest goal scorerfrom the NPFL last season the Eagles could only marshal just 3 shot on target andfive shot in the entire match, without any doubt the Eagles would want to forget this defeat in as soon and prepare for the second leg in Asaba.

After the Match Head coach of the team Imama Amapakabo debunked any claims that he and his team underrated the Togolese, He made it clear to the media that his team never underrated the Togolese, but admitted that there is a huge job to be done in the return leg.

With the second leg in sight the Eagles will have to score three or more goals without conceding the go through, like I said earlier it’s a mountain to climb and the Eagles would need to be spectacular to be able to turn around that result.

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