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Why Has Oshoala and 4 Other Women in International Football Adopted Sports Bra Display Celebrations?

Top 5 Women’s Jersey Removal Celebrations:

I have compiled a list of 5 female football from England, Italy, USA and Nigeria who damned the consequences in the heat of the moment to show the world that expression of joy cannot be suppressed.

1) Chloe Kelly (England): after years of playing second fiddle to their counterparts on the continent, England were at the precipice of greatness last year.

Playing bitter rivals Germany in the Women’s European final, Chloe Kelly whipped off her England shirt, revealing her white sports bra, on having scored the eventual decider in front of another record crowd in the Wembley stadium.

England lifted the trophy for the first time in front of home fans.

That celebration courted controversy after the match and earned Chloe a yellow card in game. Does she care, I don’t think so.

2) Valentina Giacinti (Italy): The last AC Milan player (male or female) to score four goals in a derby was Josè Altafini, who did so on March 27th, 1960.

So, when Italy international Valentina smashed 4 past bitter rivals AC Milan in 2021,the jersey had to come off. What we saw was abs out of this world nestling under her back sports bra.

Even if she became a target of the mafia afterwards, Valentina couldn’t give a damn, she bagged her goals and showed the world what hours in the Italian gym can do to your stomach.

3) Brandi Chastain (USA): The 1999 World Cup final between the United States of America and China at the Rose Bowl Stadium was a political as well as sporting clash. The team that won will generate visceral jubilation and victorious euphoria that transcended the world of football.

So, faced with the weight of national expectations on her shoulders, Chastain tore off her jersey to reveal her black sports bra and adorable six pack after scoring the winning penalty to gift USA its second World Cup title before being swamped in celebratory hugs by all of her team mates.

4) Omamuzo Josephine Edafe (Nigeria):

The Flamingos (Under-17 women’s) were the only team in the history of Nigerian national team football across age and gender never to taste a podium finish by 2022.

So, qualification for the semi-finals of last year’s World Cup in India would navigate the team closer to that elusive pot of Gold at the end of the Nigerian rainbow.

It all then hinged on one last penalty against powerhouses USA.

As Edafe stepped up to take her kick, she would have thought of her mother, father, friends, community, coaches and the entire national glued on her, and she said to herself: ‘I must not let these people down’.

As she crashed the net, she ran off, tore her shirt in wild jubilation, knowing fully well that her people and coach would disapprove of the whole world seeing her lovely white sports bra and voluptuous flat belly.

Her teams mates ran to shield her but the damage was done. Coach Olowookere was incensed but Nigeria had reached the semi-finals for the first time and Edafe had no qualms facing whatever retribution might come her way: she has made history, that was what counted.

5) Asisat Oshoala: And now to the latest entrant to the list. It is one thing to qualify for the semi-finals of an under 17 world cup – Asisat has been there and done that in under 20 – but totally a different thing to beat the co-hosts in front of a packed stadium in the senior women’s world cup.

For arguably the most high profile player, male or female, in the history of Nigeria’s national team footballs, Asisat has endured a torrid time for the national team in recent seasons. So much so that a sizeable, I mean sizeable, number of Nigeria fans are starting to see her as an overrated one dimensional player who only thrives in club football.

So the stage was set. Coming in as a substitute against hosts Australia, the growing crowd of Oshoala-Critics said here we go again.

As Payne lobbed over to Oshoala who profited from Australian defensive miscommunication to bulge the back of the net and send Nigeria shooting to the top of the group of death, the shirt had to come off!

The echo of disapproval from her dad rang loudest in her mind than the noise in the stadium. But she would later pick up the phone to him and say: ‘Papa don’t preach! I have made up my mind, the world had to see my green sports bra and beautiful abs to show that made in Nigeria products and gyms are as good as any out there!’

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