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What are the factors that have brought Bosso's Flying Eagles far in this tournament in Argentina?

Bosso, in my opinion, is being incredibly diplomatic, patriotic and perhaps humble in stating that he would like to win this tournament for the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Africa's most populous country.

If you ask me, I think the serial Flying Eagles tactician would - first and foremost - like to win the tournament for himself.

And would you blame him?

Since being named as the Flying Eagles coach for the umpteenth time in 2020, the 55 year old boss has ensured nothing but abuse and ridicule from a sizeable body of Nigeria fans.

From being called inept, useless and an outright waste of space, no disparaging adjective was off the table in describing Bosso's coaching credentials.

Yet, those same coaching credentials have pushed the Flying Eagles within the precipice of greatness in Argentina; but the battle is far from being won.

The maths is simple: defeat South Korea tomorrow and the Flying Eagles automatically have 75% chance of handing Tinubu his first major football accomplishment in either gold, silver or bronze medals. Healthy odds if you ask me.

Lose to Korea and Bosso's critics will again weild the knife and claim victory, despite Nigeria's heroics against Italy and Argentina - football is a game of fine and narrow margins isn't it?

For me, for now, let me briefly examine 5 factors that have brought the Flying Eagles success thus far in this tournament under the tutelage of Boss Bosso.

1: Route One football: has anyone noticed that goalkeeper Aniagboso has 1 assist (against Italy) and 1 pre-assist (against Argentina) in this tournament? With the physicality of our strikers, this route one strategy might again come good for Nigeria against Korea.

2: Sucker Punch Supremos: The Flying have been surreptitiously merciless in this tournament. Their second goals against their toughest opponents came after 90 minutes. This speaks to their 'staying power', fortitude and incredible endurance.

The Koreans will have to be alert for the entirety of the match if they don't want to be swept away by the cascading flash flood that is Bosso's Flying Eagles.

3: Deadly substitutions: Is it a stretch to say that Bosso's substitutes against Argentina unsettled the South Americans? Will I be telling lies to say that Sarki and Nnadi tortured the Italians when they came on?

Okay, I must confess that I was shocked when Bosso yanked Jude Sunday off against Argentina and Salim off against Italy. This Geezah called Bosso is not afraid to make tough decisions in-game.

All I can say is: Korea beware of Bosso's substitutions.

4: Formation flexibility: When a lone striker model wasn't working against Argentina, Bosso introduced a holding center forward with support from runners from deep. Both his substitutes provided assists by holding up play (with the force of their physicality) and then feeding a runner from deep - a departure from over-reliance on wingplace.

Bosso has several tricks up sleeves.

5: Defensive solidity: what else can I say about this point? Loss of shape and discipline led to goals conceded against Dominican Republic and Brazil. Bosso's instructions are clear, if the players stay disciplined and focused, they can be quite impregnable. Admittedly they need a bit of luck as well.

All in all, I don't think it is inaccurate to describe Bosso's Flying Eagles as defensively astute on a good day.

Well well well! After all is said and done, I think tomorrow's tie will be absorbing and fascinating. I still think Bosso's boys have it in them to grab a medal from this tournament.

So, a lot is riding on the outcome of tomorrow's game. I don't want to predict the outcome, I just want to enjoy the game. But I silently pray for this fairy tale to continue……

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