Selfish Golden Eaglets draw Criticisms from Fans

Still fresh from their 2:1 loss to Australia yesterday in the ongoing Under-17 World Cup, many Golden Eaglets fans continue to criticise the style of play of the team accusing the players of playing to the gallery.

Commenting on an online platform, a fan said: "these crop of Eaglets might be good individually, but they’re not cohesive as a team.

Every one seem eager/desperate to ‘sell’ himself/his skills to supposedly watching scouts.

It was ridiculous watching player after player shooting from the outside 18 and trying to score a screamer like Tijani did against Hungary." he wrote.

The fan went on to add: "On this, I blame coach Manu Garba as I saw the selfish play repeated over and over again.

Granted, they are young boys. But common! This is a team game, not golf or lawn tennis where you can chase individual glory."

This came as team captain for the Golden Eaglets Sampson Tijani apologised to fans for the 2:1 loss to Australia, saying :"We thank God for being injury free.

And I'll say we are very sorry for the loss and I promise by the next game we are going to make them happy and proud.''

Nigeria are through to the round of 16 and will play a soon-to-be-determined opposition on Tuesday 5th of November.


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