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Sadiq Umar Hitting New Heights in Europe 

2016 Olympic hero Sadiq Umar put the cherry on the icing of the cake yesterday for Partizan Belgrade as his 69th minute sweet strike made it 4:0 for them against Vojvodina in the Serbian Premier League.

That goal further deflated their opponents whilst inflating Umar's profile as the goals continue to come.

Sadiq Umar is now undoubtedly Nigeria’s most prolific striker in Europe at the moment with 7 goals in 12 league games and 2 goals in the Europa league that won him a spot in the Europa league team of that week. He also scored 1 goal in the Europa league qualifiers. The hope is for him is not to be complacent but continue to show hunger, drive and determination. He may, or may not get a Super Eagles call up in the short term. But, continuing this sort of performances consistently will serve his career well in the long term.

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