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Randy Waldrum Confident About Super Falcons Chances In The World Cup

Coach Randy Waldrum in Buoyant Mood

As the Super Falcons ratchet their training sessions up several notches with greater intensity in the world cup build up, Coach Randy Waldrum is optimistic of a favourable world cup campaign. 

Speaking on a video posted by the NFF, the Gaffer said (paraphrased) : "the camping is really going well; the mood across board is really well and the players are working very hard." 

"The talent level is there, it has been fun to watch the players and I am very happy," he added. 

On the chances of the Super Falcons making it out alive from their  'Group of Death', Waldrum said (again, paraphrased) "I am very confident ; I believe in my players. All the focus has been on Canada and we know how important that first game will be to us and we need to get something out of it. Speaking to my players individually, they are confident in getting something out of that match."

Although some players have knocks and negligible injuries, Waldrum is not worried." So long as they are healthy, I am not overly concerned." He said. 

It was reassuring to watch that interview. Hopefully the players will prove to the world that they are not cannon-fodders in their Group. 

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