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Osimhen goes from strength to strength

Victor Osimhen and his Napoli team mates bamboozled Spezia away in the league this weekend having run away 4:2 winners.

Having just seen Osihmen’s output specifically (from a Super Eagles monitoring perspective), it is scarry to contemplate the havoc this lad can wreck on any given day.

Without a shadow of doubt, Victor Osihmen has superstar qualities and is undoubtedly the undisputed starting centre forward for Nigeria at this time.

Timing to stay on side, awareness to know when to act, movement to take advantage of stray of specific passes, and finishing with poise and precision: Victor Osihmen has the lot.

I am not saying these because I am Nigerian, I am not even saying these because I am a fan of Osihmen, I am saying this because I can’t deny class and quality when I see it.

I am more a fan of Iheanacho than Osihmen but (ol’ boy) I will start Osihmen ahead of Iheanacho if we have to go for just one striker up front. Osihmen’s predatory instincts are of the elite spectrum.

Yesterday, he timed his run to perfection just outside the center circle before racing through and finishing with debonair – a fine example of a magical finish from a magical player.

For the second, he moved with the speed of light to appear behind a set-piece defensive wall before producing a finish that sent to the entire stadium into a state of suspended animation! Was it the finish or how he disappeared and then reappeared behind the wall? Mouths remained opened, eyes remained popped out but the goal stood.

Ever willing to always remind all and sundry that he does more than just score, he laid it on a plate for his colleague later on with a chance some of them would have tried to take for themselves.

Needless to say, Osihmen is a complete forward and unrivalled in what he brings to the national team at the moment in terms of the totality of his centre forward package.

What is so great about this Super Eagles outfit is that others are not too far behind.

But Osihmen has that edge, however slight it may be.

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