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Is It Time For Ladan Bosso To Step Down After Africa Games Failure?

Senegal 3: Nigeria 2 - Flying Eagles Crash Out of Africa Games

This was definitely not the result Flying Eagles fans wanted but it is one that has further nailed the competency of Ladan Bosso to the wall in the eyes of his die hard critics - and there are many of them.

The Flying Eagles showed hunger and ambition to take the lead early but defensive frailties cost them dearly as they would concede 2 goals in quick succession.

Again, Bosso's boys exhibited enterprise to pull the game level only to go down to a meatgrinder to eventually lose 3:2.

Taking the lead and then equalising when trailing suggested to me that it would have been a nail biting encounter. It also demonstrated the fighting spirit in Bosso's team. But poor games-management was their ultimate undoing.

Bosso will continue to weave a cane for his backside by allegedly selecting subpar largely Northern players to prosecute tournaments. I think his Flying Eagles would have flown higher in this time had they possessed greater quality in their ranks.

A large section of Flying Eagles Fanbase are fed up with Bosso - many never adored his style from this off. This Africa Games failure has just succeeded in forging a fresh ring in the ever lengthening chain of grievances these fans harbour for Bosso.

When I see him on the touch lines, he looks depressed and forlorn. He doesn't appear to be enjoying his job. Perhaps it's time he voluntarily steps down from the Flying Eagles role. He has been given several bites of the Flying Eagles puff puff but his outputs haven't always been undeniably tasty even though a few of us like him.

I always try to see the light at the end of the tunnel but the light is now starting to dim.

My great gripe against Bosso is that, in the 17years interval that he has managed the Flying Eagles on and off, he has simply stagnated without tangible signs of improvement . For me, Bosso is not poor, but he is not brilliant either, he is just excitingly average.

But yeah, average is now no longer good enough. Expectations of his coaching competency is becoming a pot-boiler.

If he stays, he will just be scraping the bottom of his coaching barrel. Perhaps enough is enough, for his own sake!

Those of us who like him still do, sadly, it would appear a vast majority of fans don't!

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