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Is Chiwendu Iheuzo Now Super Falcons' Weapon of Mass Destruction?

Chiwendu Iheuzo: The New Agba-Baller of Randy Waldrum

Exciting Super Falcons Utility Player Rasheedat Ajibade reiterated the desire of the team to grab the Olympic ticket on offer after 90 minutes in the second leg away to South Africa next Tuesday.

"The players are motivated (to get the job done against South Africa) by the keen desire to play in the Olympics," said Ajibade.

Key to getting the job done will be applying pressure on South African defence and then burying begging chances. One player that has won the heart of Waldrum is striker Chiwendu Iheuzo.

I watched in awe as the American Gaffer waxed lyricals about the Mexico based sharpshooter, going as far as suggesting she delivered the best performance of any centre forward for Nigeria throughout his reign as the Super Falcons gaffer.

"For me," said Waldrum on Twitter

(X), "I think Iheuzo was amazing against South Africa."

"I can think of many fine performances from our main centre forwards in games throughout my tenure with Nigeria. However, Iheuzo's performance in Abuja last week was probably the best I ever witnessed." gushed Waldrum.

For that role, Waldrum has predominantly played Oshoala, Onumonu and Okoronkwo.

But it will seem as if Iheuzo's application, tenacity and agency hit the sweet spot for Waldrum.

"In the match, I loved the way Iheuzo stole behind South Africa's defence severally. She didn't give them a minute's rest. Her holdup play and ability to bring others in are top notch. She was relentless and our goal came from her deadly run across 50 yards into the 18 yard box before being fouled for the penalty.", Said Waldrum.

Something that struck me most was when Waldrum said (all paraphrased) :" A lot of our main strikers would not have contemplated that kind of dangerous run that won us the penalty."

It will seem to me that Waldrum has seen skills, qualities, attributes and applications in Iheuzo that he hadn't seen in our other centre forwards. If that is the case, then Iheuzo could have succeeded in throwing down the gauntlet for other centre forwards to attempt to wrestle the starting 11 slot off her.

For me, I think Iheuzo got into some truly tantalising positions. She has a keen eye to pick out dangerous places to occupy and cause harm. But, despite all the encomiums rained on her by Waldrum, she was still as wasteful as other Super Falcons strikers in burying chances.

If the Mexico based assassin can improve her conversation rate with sombrero of goals , then she will surely knock others into a cocked hat.

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