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Has Ordega, Ayinde and Ohale Silenced Critics at World Cup?

From a widely circulated recent interview, the key attributes mentioned by Randy Waldrum as contributory to the team’s success are:

1) Mentality

2) Resourcefulness

And 3) Chemistry.

Yes, despite going down to a gut punch, the team were resourceful in responding swiftly.

They showed a winning mentality by not being overawed by the occasion,home fans and their initial setback. Rather they kept their eyes on the prize to power ahead and retain their lead.

The camaraderie and chemistry in this team is simply off the charts. They all pull in the same direction. Onumonu, even when off the ball is fighting to help the team retain possession. Plumptre and Alozie are playing the roles of modern day fullbacks in how they joggle with success the defensive and offensive aspects of their game. Oshoala has no problems coming in as a Sub so long as she gets the right service. And who would forget Ordega’s exemplary execution of the creative and destructive aspects of her winger role. Though benched against Australia, her support of the team remains unharmed.

For someone like me who has been slightly harsh in comments on the more mature Falcons pre-tournament, I have to say that Ayinde, Ohale and Ordega have put me in my place with professional and compelling displays! Now I am eagerly waiting for Oparanozie to be unleashed and maybe we can see a bit of Yewande Balogun as well though she is the 3rd choice goalkeeper.

This is not a time to boast: football can be cruel and unforgiving. Rather this is the time to continually encourage the team not to relent on its efforts. Without a doubt, Randy Waldrum has a clear vision; the team has bought into his philosophy; and they have quality mature and young players to drive his tactical agenda.

Are we in the precipice of something great, we will find out in days to come.

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