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Can The Super Falcons Upset Australia In Front of Their Home Crowd?

Anticipation for this Australia vs Nigeria match excruciating. I wish I could go to bed today and just wake up in time for the match!

Something tells me that the Super Falcons are gunning for a win in this match.

"We are going to play against a lot of factors that day but I think we have this, we’ve got this," said dashing winger Ajibade.

A victory against the hosts will not only be a big statement but will also be a giant leap towards making it out of the group of wolves alive.

What is it going to be? Waldrum’s 4-2-3-1 against Australia's flat 4-4-2.

Australia are good with aerial balls. Either from the flanks or from deep in defence, their strikers feast on high balls to wreck havoc. Their two strikers upfront interchange and often combine to devastating effect. They punish mistakes: defenders can never afford to be complacent or asleep on their defensive wheel without being made to pay in tears.

As mentioned, their deliveries all round aren't mediocre, these Aussies are the cream of the crop.

But this version of the Super Falcons are no slouch. Without motivation from the NFF, their draw their strength and inspiration from their coach who has assembled them at times at his own detriment.

They are a compact unit.

Injuries and fitness permitting, I suspect Waldrum keeping faith with his 4-2-3-1 formation with exactly the same backline as the last match.

There will be 2 defensive midfield pivot of Ucheibe and Ayinde. They will shield the back 4 but Ayinde will be expected to launch long range passes to Oshoala in front - a valuable item in our attacking toolkit.

Payne will retain her place in as the centre attacking midfield where she will support their rich tapestry of passes, recycle possession and help traverse towards opposition area with bad intentions.

Onumonu retains her place in the left wing, this time seeking to locate Oshoala quicker with her inswingers and also invert to receive through passes like a second striker and then unleash shots - either from long or short range strikes, Onumonu wants to score goals, that much is evident in how she goes about her business. Providing assists is second thought to her.

Oshoala is back as the sole centre forward, this time sharper and more aggressive with her runs to latch on to whatever direction and heights the services are coming from. She would occasionally fall deep or drift to flanks to deliver crosses to Onumonu.

Oshoala will be looking to sniff out the slightest opportunity to pounce and she will not be averse to feeding off scraps: however the chances come, the Barcelona Bomber will seek to take advantage.

The Queen of cards or Ace of Spades, Ajibade, makes her first appearance in this tournament. Like a caged monster that has just been released, Ajibade will roam the right wing like a night stalker waiting to pounce on unwitting victims.

Unlike Onumonu, Ajibade is not particularly interested in scoring. Unlike Ordega (who she replaces), Ajibade will not sink too deep to support the defence. She will be more concerned in drilling into the jaw of opposition defence like a deft dentist where she can cause cavities and fill the space with various passing deliveries. She just wants to make her presence felt in anyway possible. Oshoala will be grateful to have her around as they will bounce off each other like a table tennis ball.

Nigeria has firepower in attack. If handled properly, the quartet of Oshoala, Payne, Onumonu and Ajibade could cause overload to Australia's defence.

But Australia's 4-4-2 could also cause overload to Nigeria's defence and their strikers are not known to be particularly profligate.

If both teams play an open game, it could be a high scoring encounter with Australia perhaps taking the day.

However, if the Super Falcons can balance attacking intent with defensive concentration, then anything goes.

But I am not the least worried. Woman for woman, I believe the Super Falcons can hold their own. In terms of formation, the double pivot defensive midfield apparatus fills me with confidence.

This game promises to be fascinating, I can't wait.

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