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Can The Super Falcons Escape Out Of Their Group At The World Cup?

The much anticipated draw for next year's Fifa Women's World Cup has been made.

Waldrum's Nigeria lock horns with Canada, Australia and the Republic of Ireland.

A tough group: Canada are superpowers and Co-hostesses Australia will undoubtedly be buoyed by massive home support. And Republic of Ireland, who currently sit above the Super Falcons in Fifa rankings, haven't lost any of their last 5 games.

In truth, Waldrum and his ladies have their work cut out here if they are not to end up being the whipping ladies of this group.

The American gaffer has come under intolerable criticisms recently from a large swathe of Nigeria's Fanbase and media for presiding over arguably the worst period in the history of the once sturdy Super Falcons of Nigeria.

Nigeria failed abominably in the last African Women’s Cup of Nations having left the tournament empty handed with a record number of three losses.

In fact, losing games have become more of the rule than the exception for this Super Falcons outfit having lost their last five outings.

Many stakeholders have said enough is enough and that the American gaffer and his side kick Lauren Greg must go.

Waldrum on his part have fought back fiercely stating in recent interviews that people are quick to forget the monumental tasks of defeating Ivory Coast and bitter rivals Ghana to even qualify for the 2022 Wafcon.

He went further to state that another Super Power - Cameroon - were defeated in the Wafcon semifinals to qualify for next year's World Cup.

Waldrum maintained that his team have often produced acceptable performances and respectable results under two crucial conditions: when he had time to prepare and when he had full complement of his star players.

So, hoping these conditions will be present leading up to and during next year's world cup, the American Gaffer is optimistic of causing upsets.

"As far as the world cup, our expectations are to make a deep run, get out of our group, you know we feel like we have the talents to do that, right now we just need time together with the team to prepare properly." Said Waldrum.

But I remain skeptical. I feel the American gaffer is out of his depths handling the Super Falcons and has run out of ideas. I don't think he has the imagination to pick a rabbit out of his world cup hat.

I do hope he proves me wrong though.

But I agree with him on one thing: with the calibre of players currently at Nigeria's disposal, the Super Falcons have it in them to be party-spoilers in Australia and New Zealand next year.

But it is the tactical approach and technical injection that Waldrum brings to the party that worries me!

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